A new creative approach to funeral and cemetery marketing

Have you noticed that the vast majority of advertising is based on one simple tenet – the best price. I have not seen an ad for the automotive industry on TV, radio or in the newspaper that didn’t focus on the price – whether it’s a low finance rate, low lease rate or just a low purchase price. As a matter of fact, one automotive manufacturer is featuring a weekly payment for a 2013 vehicle of only $36 per week. That’s less than I spend at Starbucks and a couple of lunches on a weekly basis. But what is this accomplishing in terms of brand equity. If I flip through a daily newspaper, my only criteria for judgement on a vehicle becomes the lowest price and ignores the other components including quality or benefits that may be important to me. It’s time to take another path in your marketing efforts and that is the path of educational marketing. We took this approach in the funeral and cemetery industry and it proved to be very successful. Instead of cliche filled commercials about compassion, families serving families and so on; we decided to educate consumers as well as demystify the concept of pre-planning, cremation, and memorialization. Our commercials started with a simple phrase ” did you know that ” and followed with pertinent information on why consumers opt for cremation or why it makes sense to plan ahead. This approach will position your funeral home or cemetery property from the competition and create a bond between consumers and your brand. This approach can be used in any professional industry, orthodontists talking about why young children should be examined and what to look for; or real estate agents giving tips on staging a home. For more information on this unique approach to marketing, visit our website at storefrontmedia.ca or follow our blog at storefrontmedia.wordpress.com

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