Simplicity in your funeral and cemetery advertising

We all know about the KISS principle – keep it simple stupid. And this principle holds true in advertising for your funeral and cemetery company. Over the years working with radio clients, advertisers insist on jamming as much information as possible into a commercial. They insist on mentioning every product instead of focusing on a singular unique selling proposition. Given the amount of commercial advertising that a consumer is inundated with daily, you as an advertiser have a short window of time to attract their attention. I was talking to an email marketing expert and he mentioned that an email has about the same length of time to get you to react and if not, it is lost as spam. In a radio commercialsp, you have about 7 seconds to grab the attention of the consumer; much like TV. Billboards should have no more than 7 words. And in newspaper, the headline determines whether or not the consumer will continue to read the ad. So, take the time to select your USP carefully, in other words, what is the one consumer benefit that your company offers that no one else does. And hammer that message home over the long term with solid frequency. For more information, email me at

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