Sales effectiveness – the phone or email

As more and more of our regular daily communication is done via email, there have been increasing discussions regarding what is more effective in the world of sales. Certainly the younger demographic may be more comfortable with email as a form of communication, however, is it the best way to prospect and sell? According to a recent study, only 7.5% of media emails are actually opened. That is a scary number given the fact that your ratios are less than 1 in 10. But what about cold calling ratios? In June 2010, the Direct Marketing Association released its “2010 Response Rate Trend Report,” which said that cold calling customers yielded the highest response rate at 6.16%. So, its a dead heat, right? Well, not exactly. The difference is clear and simple. With each phone call, the sales person has the opportunity to address any objections, whereas with each email there is no chance. Email is also missing two key elements to success in prospecting – enthusiasm and urgency. An email does not create a sense of urgency nor can it convey passion and enthusiasm. It’s easier to send an email than to make a phone call, however, it is more powerful and compelling to pick up the phone and make a direct approach. At that point, email becomes a tool for follow up and continued communication.

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