What I learned in sales this week

There is only one thing that I know for sure – every new sales encounter is a learning experience and even if you have been in sales for many years, there is always something new to add to your knowledge base.

This is what I learned this week . . .

* Get in front of your prospects. It’s very easy to rely on telephone meetings or email, however, the key to a successful relationship is the personal component. Given the fact that effective communication is based on body language more than words, a face to face meeting is the key to success
* Make sure that you establish objectives with a new prospect and then deliver a product or service that will reach those objectives.In the world of advertising, if a prospect wants to dominate a category then develop a long term plan instead of a short term plan
* When a prospect says no on the phone, make an extra effort to convince them to meet. When you are in front of a prospect, you can ask questions and dig deep in order to find solutions. Tell them you only want 20 minutes of their time and if you are not able to help them, you will shake hands and not continue to try and sell them
* A good idea will always trump the price or the company making the offer. In one case, although we may not have been the optimal choice for an advertiser, he bought our creative concept and we won the business
* Offer a prospect more than just your product or service. Give them a complete solution. In other words, in advertising, offer to help them with more than just your radio station, newspaper or TV. Assist them with all their marketing options including creative and make the process seamless.

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