Funeral and cemetery advertising made simple

Creating compelling advertising for the funeral and cemetery profession can be a daunting task. What do we talk about? How do we approach the subject without making consumers feel uncomfortable? What media makes the most sense? Let’s make the process simple – here are the steps that you need to take in order to create compelling ads that will garner attention and deliver results on the radio.
1. Brainstorm with your team and dig deep to find your unique selling proposition. What does your funeral home or cemetery do that no one else does?
2. Utilize one of your employees to record the commercial – someone with a genuine sound who is comfortable using their name in a commercial
3. Write a simple text which includes on opening to identify the person doing the commercial, information about what makes your company different and a clear call to action – call today or visit us online.
4. Make certain that the commercial offers benefits to consumers because ultimately a good ad is all about the listener – how you can help them solve a problem or make their lives simple.
5. Book a couple of hours in a professional recording studio in order to make sure the commercials are radio quality, 30 seconds in length, and transferable by mp3.
6. Select music that is not too sombre, not classical, but more modern and almost new age with an uptempo soft beat.

Once produced, you own quality radio commercials that can be used over several years and your message is universal on any radio station in your market. All this for less than one thousand dollars.

If your funeral home or cemetery property is interested in more information or assistance in this process, contact me today at

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