Three keys to advertising success

Advertising success in three words

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After 30+ years in the advertising business, I have finally discovered the three keys to success – the message, the frequency and the medium. And they are listed in order of importance. Let’s start with the message. A good ad is about the listener or reader and a bad as is about the advertiser. Always remember this simple concept when you are creating ads. Talk less about your business features and more about the benefits to the end user. Solve a problem that is keeping people up at night. Or simply help make their lives easier by protecting them, eliminating stress or giving them peace of mind. Next is the frequency. You can’t start a training program and expect to be in shape in a week or two. You need to repeat your exercise program often and combine it with healthy eating habits. Advertising doesn’t work with a single message or two. You must constantly be front and center with high frequency, on the radio for example, and for a reasonable amount or time. Finally, the medium. All advetising vehicles work when you have compelling creative and a lot of frequency. The medium is the third most important part of the puzzle. The smallest newspaper or radio statiob will deliver results with a proper message. So conside this simple three word concept when you advertise.

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