Stop sending emails

Did you know that communication effectiveness has very little to do with the words you say and is based on tone of voice and body language?
So why do salespeople continue to send email pitches to prospects instead of picking up the phone in order to set up an appointment?
Because it’s easy and we all do it. But does it really make any sense?
Most emails that I receive are spam and never even get opened; they are deleted immediately. So you certainly cannot start a new business relationship in that fashion. Stop sending emails and pick up the phone. At least during the course of a conversation, your tone of voice can help the overall effectiveness by adding a second dimension to the words being said. I can read the same opening line in two completely different ways and elicit two completely different reactions. Make sure that your voice is strong, positive, and energetic and smile while you are talking. If you ever sit in on a radio production, you will notice the announcer smiling as they read a script. The only purpose of the call is to make an appointment. Nothing else. State who you are, who you represent, the purpose of the call and the benefit to the prospect. And then ask for the appointment. It’s amazing how many calls I receive that completely miss the mark. One salesperson called and began by asking me how I was doing and proceeded to say that it was a lovely day. You can imagine how that call ended. Once you have an appointment, you can bring all of the components of effective communication together and increase the odds of making a sale substantially. And if you can’t get the prospect on the phone, drop in when you are in the area – cold calls around warm calls. Your positive presence will be tough to ignore and you have an opportunity to make a solid impact on the prospect.
So stop sending emails in the bleak hopes of making a sale – it’s just like trying to fire at a target blindfolded.

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