Why are salespeople afraid to close?

Closing a sale is actually a very simple process. Really? The reality is that if you have done your homework and followed the six steps in the sales process, then number six should happen naturally. So why do so many sales not materialize? Believe it or not, more than half of possible sales do not close because the salesperson does not ask for the order. I once worked with a salesperson who had a pending file bigger than his office. He was afraid to hear a no from a client and unfortunately couldn’t get a yes. Another reason that sales do not close is that the salesperson does not take the time to discover a need, opportunity or want. They rush to the close without determining whether or not their product or service can actually benefit the buyer. And sometimes a sale does not close because all of the decision makers or partners are not present at the time. It’s better to delay a presentation until all partners can be present than to present to only one. Your enthusiasm and knowledge will be excluded and the only determining factor to purchase will be price. If your product or service will benefit the buyer, then you have a professional obligation to close the sale. Don’t be afraid that your assertiveness will be perceived as being pushy. Buyers appreciate the effort you put into asking for the order. And if the answer is not yes, then you will uncover the objection that is stopping them from moving forward. Welcome objections as they are part of the sales process. There is no magic to closing; it’s simply asking for the order when you are pretty sure they will say yes. And remember, once you leave without the order, many variables may occur in the interim that may prevent the prospect from saying yes. Just do it.

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