Technology and sales don’t mix

The prevailing wisdom is that technology is a great tool in the world of sales. Software programs enable us to maintain contact with our clients, emails allow us to reach a lot of prospects in one fell swoop, and power point or Prezi give us the opportunity to frame our presentations. But stop and think for a minute. Is it better to send an email birthday wish to a client or to drop in, say hello and bring a small gift. And have you ever purchased a product as a result of an email pitch that you received. And of course effective communication derives from body language and tone of voice and very little from the words that are being said. So where does the effectiveness of words or pictures on a screen come into play. Salespeople are getting lazy. It’s easier to send a mass email than to visit a client face to face. However, the scientific odds of being in front of a prospect are dramatically greater in terms of closing a sale than via an email that probably won’t get opened due to the fact that less than ten percent actually do. Here’s a novel idea – send a snail mail letter. At least the prospect is not getting very many of those anymore. The facts are clear – more face to face appointments equals more sales. As a matter of fact, we are tracking this in our sales operation and the person with the most appointments is our top representative. You accomplish nothing by sitting in your office on your computer. You accomplish a tremendous amount by taking the time to visit prospects face to face. Technology reduces the need for social interaction thereby making the sales process a commodity where the best price wins. There is no opportunity to establish value, differentiation or service. So before you download another customer relationship management program, pick up a Starbucks coffee and visit your top clients as well as your top prospects. You will see an immediate increase in sales results. For more information on sales training, contact me at tim@

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