Sales strategies that deliver

Every week, I blog about what I learned in sales in the last five days based on actual sales experiences. Here are several key considerations . . .

1. Assume the sale. If you are seeing a current customer and it is time for a contract renewal, you must approach the meeting in an assumptive fashion. In other words, everything you do and say indicates that the client will be renewing. Make sure to incorporate an increase from year to year and also bring something new to the table. For example, some added value proposition or new information that will enable your client to increase market share

2. Avoid discounting. It’s easy to discount your product or service in order to make a sale but it doesn’t make sense from the perspective of perceived value. At one point, my advertising agency was proposed an opportunity at $850 per week and I said that I would only consider paying half that amount.
The salesperson proceeded to say ok, we can do it for $425 per week. Really. You we’re prepared to rip me off until I negotiated? If you watch Million Dollar Listing, you will see young real estate agents getting almost full price without ever dropping the price to make a sale

3. Target the right prospect. When you are prospecting, spend some time doing your homework to make sure that the prospect you are going to meet with has the following criteria . . .
– they can benefit from your offering
– they can afford your offering
– they can sustain the investment if it is ongoing
– they are engaged in the process

Sales can be like riding a roller coaster, but a combination of perseverance, solid work ethic, and positive energy will emerge triumphant

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