It’s Tough Out There

if you are in the world of retail sales, it’s been a tough winter. The impact that weather has on business is dramatic. And when you combine the number of bricks and mortar companies that have closed over the last three months, the outlook is not sunny. The closure of Target was the biggest news as it involved closing 133 retail stores, putting 17,600 employees out of work and losing almost 6 billion dollars. 

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train. There are
some very clever companies who are thriving in this economy by providing unique products and services and solving problems that consumer face on a daily basis. Let’s start with Apple which became the first company to hit more that 700 billion in market value. A recent article in Time magazine indicated 6 reasons why Apple is so popular.

1. For any product that Apple creates, the people who create it have to want it themselves

2. The products have to be easy to use

3. Keep things simple

4. Offer great customer service and in store experiences

5. Apple only makes a product if Apple can do it better

6. Apple stays at least two years ahead of its competitors

Another new company that is on the cusp of exploding into a huge brand is Flatbook. A Montreal based technology company with a brilliant unique selling proposition. Their slogan is ” Flatbook pays your rent. Guaranteed. ” It’s a simple yet brilliant concept – you own a condo, townhouse or home and travel regularly or go to a school out of town for extended periods of time. If you are away for a three month period, for example, Flatbook will pay your rent and rent your space out to someone who needs temporary accommodations. Whether it’s for the summer or another time period, it’s a win win proposition for both parties. Flatbook pays your rent, stores your stuff, protects your place and returns your keys when you are back. They solve a problem that many consumers face. Check it out at

So what is our company doing in light of the challenging economy? First, we doubled our sales team from five to ten. Second, we built our Facebook fan base to over 500,000 which puts us in the top 75 radio stations in the world. Third, we implemented a new CRM software program called to better serve our customers. Fourth, we increased our sales training program for our team. And fifth, we are taking a more comprehensive approach to sales including 

1. A comprehensive marketing plan for our clients including other media if necessary

2. A focus on the creative approach which is the key to effective advertising

3. A long term strategy to build a brand as short term advertising schedules are a gamble

What is your company doing to make things happen?

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