Sales success is based on one thing

So what is that one thing? Let’s start with what it is not . . .

– your product or service

– the price of your product or service

– the features of your product or service 

– your product or service knowledge

– your sales experience

The one thing is your ability to connect face to face with a prospect. Your ability to gain rapport, trust, credibility, and establish a long term mutually beneficial relationship. 

The biggest challenge that most salespeople face today is the fact that technology is slowly destroying the art of sales which is based primarily on face to face contact. I often receive calls from salespeople and the best way to get rid of them is to tell them to send me an email. They are excited about the opportunity to do so and begin the busy work of creating an email. Unfortunately that email will never make a sale. Approximately half of the salespeople don’t even bother to send me an email and I ignore the other half. 

So if you are relying on email to make a sale, you are destined to fail. 

The sales that were made by my sales team this week were based on face to face contact. So go against the grain and refuse to send emails to prospects. Sales solutions are based on tailored made plans that help the prospect achieve their goals and objectives. You can’t call a car dealership and ask ” how much is a car? ” The same thing goes for any business. Discover a need, opportunity or want and then show how your product will accomplish the objective. 

And please, stop sending emails and start making appointments.

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