Is pressure effective in sales?

The answer to this question is actually counterintuitive.  It is based on two possible scenarios – pressure to close sales and pressure on sales people by their sales manager.

According to the One Minute Salesperon, people buy for their own reasons , not yours. They buy the benefits of the products to services that you sell. So the decision to purchase is not made based on sales pressure; it is made when the buyer perceives that your product or service benefits outweigh the risks of spending their hard earned money. If you apply to much pressure, you can perceived as being too pushy. Also, you may be perceived as being desperate. As long as you have taken the prospect through the six steps in the sales process, you will always close. Instead of applying pressure, if you truly believe that your product or service will be beneficial to the buyer, then you just create a sense of urgency to move the process forward. You have a professional obligation to make the sale.

Another aspect of pressure is when it is applied to sales people by a sales manager. Is this the right approach? Not necessarily. The best way to help a slumping sales person is to actually remove the pressure. One of our senior sales persons was in a slump and struggling. Sometimes this causes the person to become desperate and negative. It has happened to everyone including myself. So my sales manager and I met with him and did the opposite.

We told him that  . . . 

– we appreciated his efforts

– we support him

– it’s ok if you don’t make a sale every week

– he could take a few days off to relax and energize 

So take the pressure off and you will sell more and you will have motivated sales people on your team. 

So my best advice is simple.


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