It’s been a tough first quarter – seven ways to increase your sales

The first quarter of 2015 was tough and the extreme cold weather certainly did not help. In the world of media sales, retailers had a difficult time moving products and this impacted media sales.

We implemented a seven point plan over the last 3 months which has proven successful and put us in a position to be ahead of last years pace.

1. Stay positive – sales is a mental game and your attitude determines 90% of your success

2. Increase the size of your sales team – we doubled our sales team which brought in new energy, new prospects and invigorated the rest of the team 

3. Think big – it takes the same amount of energy to make a sale for X or X times 10. Always present your best option first and give every client the chance to say no to the very best

4. Get out of the office – my sales manager and myself spend the vast majority of our time out in the road with our sales team. Nothing gets done sitting in the office on your computer

5. Stop discounting and add value. Instead of reducing the price of your product or service, offer your prospects added value which will cement the relationship and make it more than just about the price

6. Only sell what’s going to benefit the buyer. Although this sounds simple, we sometimes become desperate and sell whatever we can for the sake of making a sale; if you cannot provide a fair return on investment, don’t make the sale

7. Don’t give up. As long as you stay the course and have a plan, then you must have patience and weather the storm

So get out there and get it done. 

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