Help others and the connection to sales

My late father, James Brendan Thompson, was the finest human being to ever walk the face of the earth. He was a simple man who believed in being a humble servant and helping others. Although he started in the business world in the mail room of the Steel Company of Canada, with only a high school degree, he rose through the ranks to become the Accounting Manager for Eastern Canada. The main reason that he was successful was not because he worked 80 hours a week or had a cutthroat style, but because he was honest, genuine, and cared for his people. His biggest success in life came after he retired. He went to Concordia University and got a degree in Theology and became a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church. He spent the second half of his life helping others and those two words have become my personal mission statement. He baptized over 500 babies, performed countless marriage ceremonies, funerals and presided over Sunday mass. But the difference was that he did it humbly without bragging or looking for any recognition. One day I was bringing in a photo to a camera shop to be enlarged and when I told the person behind the counter my name, he stopped in his tracks and said ” are you Jim Thompsons son? ” When I told him that I was, he came around the counter to give me a hug and proceeded to tell me how he had lost his job for several months and my father paid his mortgage and never told anyone. That is the true mark of a humble servant.

How does this connect to sales?


Sales is the process of helping others get what’s they want and in turn you get what you want. If your product or service helps someone to grow their business, protect their family, generate income or give team peace of mind, then it’s a win win. Instead of trying to sell people what you want them to buy, stop and figure out what benefits the most and the answer becomes clear. If our radio station is a few thousand dollars short of budget in a month, should we sell a prospect a short campaign even if it may not benefit their business. No. We have to understand their wants and and needs and create a campaign that will benefit them directly.

Help others.

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