Why cold calling is not dead

A Google search of cold calling reveals articles entitled ” Never cold call again ” or ” Cold calling is dead ” 

But the alternatives are generally based on using technology to connect and include email, LinkedIn, facebook and other alternatives. Let’s examine cold calling and the strengths and weaknesses of both approaches. 

There is no question that cold calling is very challenging. Your job is to pick up the phone, find a decision maker, give them a reason to see you and make an appointment. With the onset of technology, cold calls are being replaced with email. The problem is that email is the lazy way to approach prospects. I have never purchased any product or service through an email sales approach. As a matter of fact, less than 10% of emails are opened. 

Your job is personal selling which means you must add a personal touch. So what are the keys to successful cold calling. I receive cold calls on a daily basis and the vast majority of them are terrible. Anywhere from ” Hello Mr Thompson, how are you today, isn’t it a lovely day or for a good time call this number ” And all I have to do to get rid of them is to ask them to send me an email; believe it or not, half won’t even bother. And if they are following up, it’s so easy to tell them that there is no budget at this time and they so ok great I will call you back in several months. Of course, no one ever does. 

So here are the top 7 tips.

1. Do some research on the company before the initial phone call. Find out who the decision maker is and make sure that you have a valid business reason for the call

2. Script your phone call. There are 5 key elements to a script including who you are, what company you are with, the reason for your call, the benefit to the prospect and a request for an appointment 

3. Remember that the purpose of the phone call is to make an appointment. Unless you sell on the phone, the objective is to meet face to face with the prospect which is the most effective form of communication and the essence of sales

4. Be energetic and passionate. Your approach must be positive, upbeat and enthusiastic as this component is even more important that the words that your are saying. The best way to increase your energy is to smile and stand up when calling prospects

5. Be relentless. Do not accept the first not interested because we are programmed to say that as we are typically bombarded by telephone sales inquiries on a regular basis. Push at least three times

6. Use the feel, felt, found formula. Oftentimes when we hear an objection, we are not sure how to respond. The best way is to simply say ” I understand how you feel, others have felt the same way until they found out how our product or service can be beneficial 

7. Commit to cold calling on a daily basis. Put it in your schedule and make it happen. It’s still a numbers game and the more calls you make, the more appointments you will get and that translates into more money

So stop wasting time on your computer and pick up the phone. 

For more information on cold calling, email me at timt@947hits.com

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