7 Things that I look for in a good salesperson

  Although I have been selling for 34 years, I have also had the opportunity through my advertising agency to have worked with hundreds of salespeople. 

This is a list of what I look for in a good Salesperon

1. Honesty – always tell me the truth. There is nothing worse than a salesperson promising to do something and not following up. I have experienced salespeople who are very persistent prior to the sale and disappear after the sale is consummated. You don’t have to under promise and over deliver – just deliver on your promises.

2. When you contact me for the first time, please identify yourself as well as identifying your company and the reason for your call. There is nothing worse than the following which actually happens on a regular basis. ” Hello, Mr. Thompson, how are you today, isn’t it a lovely day outside. ” Believe it or not, this happens. At that point, I usually just hang up.

3. Be prompt. If you are late for an appointment that is one strike against you. When I interview candidates, tardiness is a major faux pas. Being punctual is a sign of respect.

4. Understand my needs and wants. Before you try to sell me something, take the time to ask questions and learn more about me and my business. At that point, you will be able to help.

5. Stay in regular contact. I buy radio advertising from salespeople on an annual basis and never hear from them from one year to the next. Service is critical to solidifying relationships and maintaining long term business.

6. Don’t sell me something that will not help me. Too many salespeople just make a sale without considering the benefit to the buyer. Often,  radio salespeople will sell client a campaign that will not work. It’s easy to make the first sale but harder to make the second one.

7. Become a resource. Provide me with information that will be helpful to my business. On a regular basis, you should be contacting your client and sending them articles on their business, developing new ideas and perhaps connecting them with your network to help grow their business since the essence of sales is to help others succeed.

Now get out there and make a sale.

For more information, you can email me at timt@947hits.com 


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