7 Effective Communication Tips

If you are in the world of sales or marketing, effective communication is critical to success. However, it is also an important part of our daily lives.

Here are my top 7 effective communication tips.

1. A UCLA study showed that effective communication is 55% body language, 38% tone of voice and 7% the words you say so pay attention to your body language. Sit straight, be open, look someone in the eyes, and don’t get defensive

2. Energy and enthusiasm rule. In any sales encounter, you must be energetic about your product or service. I have conducted interviews with potential candidates and the ones that exhibit a lack of energy will never be considered

3. Be honest. Integrity is the key to success in sales so never lie to make a sale or never promise something that you can’t deliver. I took over the sales operation of a talk radio station many years ago, and one of the reps was calling prospects and saying that he didn’t want to sell them anything but just wanted to meet. I quickly corrected him as he was not being honest

4. Less is more. Some people feel the need to talk incessantly, but sales is not about talking. It’s about asking questions and listening. Also, you must be concise – stick to the point and keep it brief

5. Study personality styles. Every person has a different personality style; some are slow and methodical, others are sociable and talkative, some are Type A personalities and others are logical and studied. Mirror the personality style of your prospect in order to better connect

6. Tell stories. The most effective way to communicate is through story telling. Stories are a compelling way to deliver message especially in advertising

7. Be courteous. This includes a plethora of things including being on time, being polite, being empathetic, thanking the person for their time and simply being friendly, open and honest

For more information, you can email me directly at timt@947hits.com

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