What is a brand

What is a brand? A brand is three things . . .

A brand is your promise to your customer. 

A brand is what makes you different from your competition.

A brand is how consumers perceive doing business with you.

Over the last several months, I have had to send some important documentation to the U.S. from Canada. My instinctual choice was Fedex as I trusted their brand to deliver without fail. And I have never been disappointed; from the seamless process provided which includes a tracking number and indicates the exact location of my package 24/7/365 online. A brand includes every touch point with a customer including the logo. Lindon Leader of Landor and Associates designed the FedEx logo in 1994. He said ” I strive for two things in design – simplicity and clarity ” Take a close look at the logo and you will see a hidden arrow between the E and the X which indicates forward movement. Simple, yet brilliant. 

Recently, my TV set stopped working so I had to go TV shopping for the first time in many years. After visiting several stores, I had to make a decision. Although there was a substantially reduced TV with 4k and the size that I wanted, the brand name was not recognizable. Instead I opted to pay 40% more for a brand name LG TV which was a brand that I felt more comfortable with. 

For the last 15 years, I have had the privilege of taking care of the marketing for Mount Royal Cemetery and its affiliate companies. The unque selling proposition that differentiates that brand is the fact that all graves are sold in perpetuity. Other cemeteries have terms of up to 99 years whereas Mount Royal is perpetual or forever. We spend the bulk of our messaging on what makes us different from the others.

Finally, brand perception. Every strong brand connects to a perception.

Volvo – safety

Apple – cool and fun

Nike – just do it

What’s your brand perception?

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