Lessons learned from Finnegan

A couple of years ago, there was a new addition to the household. A cute little golden doodle with a reddish coat that almost looked like a stuffed animal. His name is Finnegan. According to Animal Planet, there are tremendous health benefits to dog ownership, but dogs can also teach us life lessons.

Here is what Finneagn has taught me . . .

1. Be happy. Every morning he starts the day excited about the possibilies and adventures that lie ahead. Let’s be honest, there are times when we wake up and feel tired, down in the dumps or just in a lousy mood. But Finnegan starts each day with a positive attitude.

2. Loyalty. It doesn’t matter if I have been gone all day or have ignored him in order to do something else, he always treats me with a happy disposition. And he will be fiercely loyal at all times.

3. Simple Pleasures. Finnegan doesn’t need a lot to be happy. A good day may include a nice walk, a rawhide bone to chew on, or even an afternoon nap. He doesn’t have to worry about first world problems like technology, luxury items or even a good movie.

4. Patience. Finnegan will sit quietly waiting hours for the chance to have a few minutes of attention. In our hurried and rushed existence, dogs knows how to relax and unwind.

5. Compassion. It’s funny how a dog can sense when you’re having a bad day and usually is able to step in and provide comfort and solace. They have an innate sense of how you feel and are able to lift your spirits when times are tough.

6. In the moment. Finneagn is able to be in the moment at all times. He’s not multitasking or rushing from one project to another with reckless abandon. He is able to enjoy sitting in the back yard on a Saturday and enjoying the moment.

7. Love. A dogs love for its owner is unbelievable. You have seen the videos where dogs grieve at the cemetery where their masters were buried, or dogs greeting soldiers who have been away for long periods of time. A dogs love is never in question.

Finnegan is sitting right beside me as a write this blog. He’s had a busy morning chasing birds, visiting his friends at a neighbouring house and playing ball. There are so many important lessons we can learn from dogs and if we were to absorb them and do things a little differently, the world would be a better place.

Enjoy the day. 

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