Back in the Saddle

As summer winds down and fall is just around the corner, we shift our mindset to planning and preparing for the fall to Christmas season. The summer holidays were filled with hot days, walking on the beach, festivals and more but now it’s back to reality. 

Our sales operation was impacted by the departure of a long standing employee who also happened to play a key role as a Sales Manager. He joined us fresh out of school and worked his way up to basically running our sales operation. Many lessons were learned from him as we shared our thoughts at our final sales meeting. He was kind, honest, affable, creative, giving and always positive with a twist of fun thrown in for good measure. We learned a lot from him and will miss him, but like the chapters of a book, it was time for him to start a new chapter in his career. 

Sometimes in business, you have to let someone spread their wings and move on even though the impact is substantial. And then you have to make a plan. I have always been a firm believer in spreading the wealth  and taking care of your current team. So instead of parachuting someone in from the outside, we divvied up the accounts which helped motivate our team and show them that we care and that they are important to us. My late father taught me that no one is indispensable and so we will carry on in a new chapter in our company.

So what are the lessons learned?

1. You must let people grow and progress

2. You should always consider your team first before going to the outside to replenish 

3. You always need a plan because the one thing that is certain is change

4. No one is indispensable and the business will continue to grow and thrive 

5. It’s all about people – not the product or service that you offer, but the people that make things happen

6. Stay positive through the challenges of business today

7. Be proud of the role that you played in the career of each individual

8. Harbour no resentment if someone leaves your company – they have to do what’s right for them

9. Be there to support them in their transistion as they may have some trepidation regarding their decision

10. Always be honest and work with the utmost integrity

Thanks for reading – enjoy the day

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