It’s all about relationships in sales 

Did you know that 76% of buyers want to trust their vendor?

This single statistic indicates the critical importance of building a relationship in the selling process. The onset of email is making it even more challenging for a seller to break through to a prospect.


Because salespeople are getting lazy and using email to reach out to new clients instead of the old tried and true methods of the telephone and the face to face interaction.

You already know my feelings regarding technology and how it is destroying the art of communication in society. As a matter of fact, as a media buyer, the easiest way to get rid of salespeople is to ask them to send you an email. They take great pride in putting together a lengthy email and talk about their product and its features without ever asking a single question. It’s like firing a gun into a field where you heard a noise. It’s completely ineffective.

Only 7% of emails are actually opened. The other 93% are deleted or ignored.

So what’s the answer?

Picking up the phone and calling for an appointment. Some pundits say that cold calling is dead. It’s not. It’s certainly tougher, you just have to make certain that you deliver a benefit statement in your opening.

So how do you establish a solid relationship with a prospect?

You sit down and ask questions and listen. Once the prospect opens up, the walls start to come down and you begin to establish rapport. And then you come up with a solution to solve the prospects problem or an idea to help them build their business.

And of course, you must always be honest and deal only with absolute integrity.

Once you become a resource for your prospect / client, you have established a solid relationship that is difficult for a competition to topple.

And then you can ask for referrals to new prospects and the relationship starts on the right foot based on the fact that you were endorsed by a mutual client. 

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