The Capitol One Debacle

A quick Google search of Capitol One revealed some very interesting information.

There are a series of websites devoted to the disastrous customer service of this company.

Consumer affairs reveals the top 3,279 complaints about them.

And the 728 complaints at pissed off consumer.

And reveals that Capitol One is the most complained about credit card company.

And I agree wholeheartedly.

In the month of June I purchased a suit at the Bay and decided to get a Bay card which was through Capitol One.

I paid the bill online in advance of receiving the invoice in the mail.

A month later I received an another bill which indicated that the amount was not paid.

I called the customer service line (haha) and spent almost a half an hour on hold before getting cut off.

This happened again the next day.

Another bill arrives in the mail.

At this time my mortgage is up for renewal and I decide to work with a mortgage broker. After filling out the application he calls me and said that there is a credit issue with Capitol One.

My credit is impeccable and he is a client – what an embarrassment.

I call them and reach a customer service rep who says that I must send in proof that the bill is paid.

Guilty until proven innocent. 

I call them again and they cannot locate the payment so I am passed along to a supervisor. Guess what – I am disconnected again.

The next call is to the head office – no response.

The supervisor calls back the next day and said they had tracked the payment. She said I would hear from the executive response team quickly. 

Several days later I get a call apologizing and saying they have found the payment, credited the account, owe me interest and called the credit bureau and fixed my credit issue.

I asked for compensation for my time and trouble to which I was told no. Proving my innocence took approximately 5 hours and was coupled with an embarrassing situation with an important client.

My next call was to the media contact at head office with the same request. She said that she would get back to me which she did and said there was nothing they could do.

End of story.

Please spread the word to everyone you know and post this on social media.

Incompetent companies must be held accountable for their actions.

And be careful when you get a credit card from a retailer because it might be Capitol One.

Capitol One – just google search them and you will never do business with a company as badly organized and with such utter disregard for customer service.

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