It’s all about the consumer 

Of all-important branding lessons marketers can learn from Apple, one stands out: branding begins on the demand side of the market. 

In essence, consumers, their emerging needs, their wants and desires, their quest for a better life; and the binding constraints that determine their decision to buy the product.This means that branding products must result in display of a much broader range of attributes-product characteristics-than just innovation and affordable pricing. Those attributes must “seduce” the consumer’s mind, address genuine consumer anxieties and emotions–and be innovative. Not necessarily in terms of the technology that goes to develop them, as technology cultural technologists often understands it, but in terms of the value the product adds to consumers, the advantages it has over conventional competing products and the gap it fills in their lives.

Let’s take the new iPad Pro that I bought this week. Since consumers buy based on feelings and emotions and not on logic and reason, I decided to fork over $ 1,049 for the base model with 32gigs. And of course another $ 229 for the case which doubles as a stand. After visiting the Apple Store I was told in order to get the three monthly instalments, I should go home and order online.

So I order online and the 3 month term is nowhere to be found . The next morning my bank account has been tapped by the whole amount of the product. After a series of calls with Apple Customer Care, the problem is solved to my satisfaction.

At the end of the day, the retail store blew it. How do you send a customer ready to buy back home to go online? 


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