Old School Sales

We have entered a new era in selling and instead of making progress, we are regressing. Sales is about interaction and engagement. And in order to get to that level, you must either speak with or be face to face with a prospect. Unfortunately in 2017, the vast majority of sales people have resorted to an innocuous approach to prospects. Email.

Did you know that according to Mail Chimp, in the world of marketing and advertising, the open rate on email is 18.31% and the click through rate is 2.06%. So let’s do the math, you have to send 100 emails so that 2 prospects will click through to your website. And then what happens? You are nowhere near making a sale, they are just browsing. We know that according to Steven Schiffman in his book Cold Calling Techniques you need 20 interactions in order to make a sale. So therefore, for every 1,000 emails that you send, you can anticipate one sale.

I personally receive approximately 100 emails daily and 50 are attempts to sell me something. That’s every day; and I have never bought any business product from an email. It’s also a great way to get rid of sales people and surprisingly enough less than half actually send me something which I delete anyway.

So what’s the solution? Old school phone calls. But you have to make certain that your approach is solid. Sure it’s difficult to get a prospect on the phone, so when you do, there is a formula to follow. And it may take a large volume of calls to reach a prospect; one of my sales team called a prospect 500 times until he made contact and eventually made the sale. You’re not being aggressive and the prospects respect sales people that work hard to reach them. One of my sales managers says, ” Imagine how hard I will work to make your advertising work if I worked this hard to get you on the phone”

Here’s the formula . . .

  1. Who you are
  2. Where your calling from
  3. Benefit
  4. Purpose of the call
  5. Ask for meeting

Hi, my name is Tim Thompson and I am calling from 947 HITS FM. Our company develops advertising strategies for companies like yours to increase your profits. The purpose of my call is to set up a 20 minute meeting in order to determine if I can be of assistance to your company. How about Friday at 10am

It’s straightforward, offers a benefit, and ask for the meeting. You must deliver this in a confident tone with no question mark in your voice. And don’t say ” How are you today ”

The purpose of the call is to make the appointment. That’s it.

So the next time that you are prospecting, close your computer and pick up the phone. I personally guarantee better results.

Email is not your friend.


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