The difference between success and failure in sales

One of the most critical parts of the sales process happens after the sale is made. And often this is the time where a sale can fall apart despite the fact that the transaction has already taken place. If you’re selling a product, consumers have the right to return the product and if you are selling a service, it can be cancelled at any time based on the parameters of the agreement.

In the radio business, a client typically buys a campaign anywhere from a short term blitz to a 52 week branding plan. We offer a customer service guarantee that includes 

  • Writing the commercial script
  • Having it approved by the client
  • Producing the commercial 
  • Having it approved by client
  • Weekly phone contact
  • Monthly face to face contact
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Telephone response within 12 hours
  • What are their expectations in terms of results

By following this guarantee, we create an open line of communication and the client is not in the dark as to what will happen next.

In a great INC article, they establish  6 Tips to Managing Client Expectations

These tips will help you build longstanding relationships that can withstand the good times as well as the bad.

  1. Build a relationship that goes beyond client – get to know your client because ultimately clients like to work with people that they respect as well as like
  2. Regularly communicate and addresss problems directly – when communication is regular and transparent, trust forms and builds a solid foundation
  3. Agree on strategy, goals and timelines – a step by step plan
  4. Be a counsellor – always offer your POV and don’t be a yes person 
  5. Be a good listener – as a matter of fact, the six best words you can use in a meeting is ” so what you’re saying is ” and reiterate to show you understand
  6. Budget is not a bad word – you must make certain that the client can afford the product for service and sometimes its best to say no

So always remember that that the most important step in the sales process comes after the sale is made.

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