How to Hire

The most important decision that an employer can make is the hiring of a new employee. In the radio business, we are constantly in acquisition mode as good sales reps are hard to come by. Hiring is both an art and a science by virtue of the fact that it combines gut feeling with the persons background, resume and prior employment.

According to 87% of hiring decisions about salespeople didn’t turn out well.

Following are the top ten things we do or look for in an interview that are unique

  1. Enthusiasm and energy are the keys to success in sales 
  2. We ask prospects if they would ever lie to make a sale and if the answer is yes, the interview is over. Honesty is the key to success
  3. Work ethic is of paramount importance – 84% of top salespeople scored very high in achievement orientation β€” HBR
  4. Are you a curious person – 82% of top salespeople scored extremely high curiosity levels β€” HBR
  5. Another great question is to ask prospects to rate themselves on a quirky scale of 1-10; and they have to be above 5 because most good sales people are not ordinary and run of the mill
  6. Of course punctuality and presentation are very important – if you’re late, you’re in trouble and at least wear a suit or business attire
  7. Something that I look for is shyness and most people are surprised when I mention this but the best people ask questions and listen; they are not loud mouths
  8. We do not look for experience. I would rather hire a young enthusiastic person out of school than someone with 25 years of sales experience. Our best sales reps are in their 20’s
  9. We hand them a pen and ask them to sell it two us. The reactions have ranged from silence to greatness. The key is not to start selling the pen but to start asking questions about why the buyer wants or needs the pen
  10. At the end of the interview, we ask them to send us an email if they would like to go to round two. Surprisingly about half the interviewees don’t send the email.

The only really good salespeople are those that love, not like, to sell. – Mike Wicks

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