Lessons learned from Anthony Robbins

I had the pleasure of being up close and personal with Anthony Robbins on Wednesday; well actually in the second row at the Palais des Congres. He is an imposing and dynamic personality and had many profound things to say. He started from humble beginnings in a 400 square foot apartment and grew a business over 40 years. 

Here are the lessons learned

1. It’s all about energy. His presentation style is more energetic than anyone I have ever witnessed in person or on YouTube. The energy and enthusiasm is his hallmark as the music blares and he dances on stage inciting the crown and filling the room with insane enthusiasm. His famous quote is ” where focus goes, energy flows. ”

2. If you want to change your mood, change your state. If I decide I’m tired and having a bad day, that is exactly what will happen. Or I can make the opposite decision, get up and get dressed and believe that the day will be positive. 

3, Action is the key to success. I have always said that behaviour changes attitude. You can’t will yourself into feeling better about something, you have to take action towards a goal or an objective.

4. Live with an attitude of gratitude. Despite the obstacles that we face in life, there is always something to be grateful for. If we spend time each day being grateful, that simple act will makes us feel more positive and less anxious or stressed.

5. The key to happiness is progress. We must grow in all areas of our lives including family, spiritually, career, helping others and so on. And then be graceful and give or share what you have learned with others. 

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