The blog is back – random thoughts on a Saturday morning

It’s been a couple of months since my last blog and I wanted to get back in the saddle on this beautiful Saturday morning. The above quote sums up my philosophy of live in a few simple sentences. Happiness trumps money. Inner peace trumps material success. Health is everything. And kindness is the new cool. My life mission has always related to one simple precept that I learned from my late father – helping others. The essence of life is to help others in any way that you can. It doesn’t have to be ostentatious or grandiose; just do it quietly with no fanfare.

I rescued a dog from the SPCA on Monday. Her name is Nikki and they estimate that she is 7 years old. She had a mass removed from her head and hence the stitches that are visible. The last time I visited the SPCA about ten years ago, there we approximately 25 dogs but this time there were only 2. Apparently adoption is becoming more prevalent in 2017 which is a good sign so why not consider adopting a dog from the SPCA or Animatch. As Ghandi once said, ” The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. 

In terms of sales and marketing, this illustration by Terry Mosher really highlights the death of printed newspapers. I would anticipate that within 5 years there will be no more prionted newspapers in existence. Consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to garner information, however they are still watching TV and listening to radio on a substantial basis. As a matter of fact, 88% of Canadians listen to the radio every week. 

We lost a great man in the last couple of months. John Francis “Jack” Trout (January 31, 1935 – June 5, 2017) was an owner of Trout & Partners, a consulting firm. He was one of the founders and pioneers of positioning theory and also marketing warfare theory.

Congratulations to David Poile who assembled a hockey team, the Nashville Predators, and took them to within two games of the Stanley Cup. David Poile called it an organizational award, but he deserves as much credit as anyone. The Predators general manager was named the 2017 NHL General Manager of the Year on Wednesday night at the 2017 NHL Awards at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, winning the award for the first time in his fourth nomination for the honor since its inception in 2010, the most of any GM. The upcoming campaign will be Poile’s 36th as a general manager, making him the longest-serving GM in NHL history, set to move past Jack Adams and Glen Sather. His tenure – dating back to the 1982-83 season with Washington – has spanned 2,625 games and 1,282 wins, ranking him second only to Sather (2,700 games, 1,319 wins).

I thought that I would leave you with this final thought.

Enjo the day.

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