Random thoughts on a Sunday morning

Let go back a couple of weeks and review the brilliant acquisitions made by the genius Marc Bergevin

David Schlemko – GP 62 – 2 goals and 16 assists 

Karl Azner – GP 82 – 3 goals and 10 assists

Matt Taormina – no NHL stats last year

Peter Holland GP 40 – 5 goals and 6 assists

Joe Morrow – GP 17 – 0 goals and 1 assist

Byron Froese – GP 6 – 0 goals and 0 assists

To be honest with you I am not a hockey officianado, however, I don’t even recognize any of these names. The Montreal Canadiens are very weak on paper and this is what Bergevin does. And to add insult to injury, we lose Evelin and Markov. I only have one question – why is Jeff Molson letting this buffoon make these moves. Doesn’t he care about the franchise or maybe as long as the Bell Center sells out, it’s ok with him.

Keepin with the sports theme, this brought back memories, Mitch Garber posted this mural on Facebook and I remember being a part of the return of the Alouettes to Montreal from Baltimore. Ironically, as Director of Marketing and Sales, my first two hires were Mark Weightman and Todd Burns. Mark is now the CEO of the team and Todd is successfully running his own company called Mountain View Bags.

Great billboard ad.

Can someone help me understand why I would want to freeze dry my food for 20 years?

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