Tim’s Top 7 Thoughts for the Week

1. The reality is highlighted in the recent Aislin cartoon as consumers of information have shifted from paper to screens. I read a Gazette hard copy for the first time this week  in a long while getting my car washed. Print journalism has not died; brilliant writers like Bill Brownstein and Mike Boone just have a different mode of delivery. Actual printed newspapers are an antiquated media which are not environmentally friendly and are also cost prohibitive. Perhaps social media is the new print. It is essentially printed material sometimes enhanced by audio and video. Take a look at the $ 40,000,000 La Presse tablet version on your ipad. 

2. Please think about your marketing. Who in their right mind would release something like this without considering †he consequences. When you are about to air a new radio commercial or a new print campaign or a new TV ad, you don’t need a focus group, but at least show it to a handful of people. Enough said.

3. Don’t do this; it’s what I call lazy selling. First, pick up the phone and call instead of emailing. Second, it starts with ” I ” instead of focusing on the customer. Third, it talks about the company instead of talking about how the product can benefit the end user or how the product can solve a problem. Fourth, it gives me an out at the bottom where it says please click here to unsubscribe. I receive several of these daily and have NEVER bought a product or service this way. Pick up the phone and be engaging offering a benefit out of the box and engage with prospects. Don’t be lazy. 

4. Which pair of shoes do you prefer? One pair is my son and the other pair is mine. You decide. 

5. The photo says it all. Marc Bergevin is successfully decimating the Montreal Canadiens one step at a time. Please help me understand why Jeff Molson is letting him away with this. It makes no sense. Meanwhile PK doesn’t seem to be a cancer in the room as he and Markov join the mutual admiration society. 

6.  Where have you been all my life? I just discovered the game of tennis and love it; it’s like ping pong but with a much bigger surface. I have been playing with a friend and not only enjoy the sport, but also the exercise benefits. And the racket was half price. 

7. Everyone has the innate ability to shine. Your present circumstances don’t determine where you go, they only determine where you start. Once you make a conscious decision to achieve a goal, you are already half way there. For example, sales is about attitude. If you decide that you hate cold calling, you will not be successful. In other words, you must positively visualize a positive outcome if that is what you want. It’s as simple as that. 

Enjoy the day. 

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