Sunday Morning Ramblings

This is how I start my weekend mornings. It is the ultimate oasis in relaxation with the sound of the waterfall in the hot tub, the birds chirping, fresh coffee, the dog surveying her property and my IPad. There is something peaceful about the early morning that helps you ease into the day instead of rushing into it. Always best to have no plans on Sunday and if you make a spontaneous decision to do something, great. Otherwise, doing nothing all day is just fine.

This is how most people live in the rat race. They never stop to smell the roses and continue running like a hamster in a cage but never getting anywhere. Think about it for a moment – no one on their death bed ever said " I should have spent more time at work " Workaholics who tell me that they work 80 hours a week are either just plain crazy or desperately need time management.

Spend time with kids. They are the only true thing because they haven't learned how to be politically correct yet. They tell it like it is and understand how to have fun and not complicate life any more than it has to be. I spent part of my day last weekend with Olivia and she was amazing. He appreciated the gift that I brought for her and showed me around her house giving me the grand tour. Seriously, kids get it. Adults sometime do not.

I lost a friend this week. Louise Kanters and I worked together at CFCF on Ogilvy Avenue in the 1980's. She was a the traffic director so her job was to make sure that the radio commercials were scheduled properly. She had a tough exterior but was very kind and gentle inside. I will miss Louise and hope that she is in a better place right now and not suffering,

I thought that I would finish with a very important topic. Depression is an affliction that still suffers from a terrible stigma. But every time the topic is broached, the person that you are talking to has either suffered or knows someone who has suffered. I launched a new website this week to help those suffering a provide hope. We are offering a speakers bureau for schools, hospitals, seniors residence and charitable organizations. As well there is information and powerful videos as well as the opportunity to ask questions. Check it out at and you can read my story.

Enjoy the day.

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