Bad Customer Service

So I drop in to the Pennzoil location on St Johns road for an oil change. Approximately a year ago, I hade made an agreement with the owner that we would bring our small fleet of vehicles to their particular location and receive a 10% discount. When I went to the cash to pay, I mentioned the agreement but the young man behind the counter said it was not in the computer system. I mentioned that I had received the discount last time but to no avail. He basically said sorry, I don’t want to get in trouble. Instead of putting the Customer first, he put the policy first. Instead of considering the long term value of a Customer over the loss of five dollars, he chose the five dollars and protecting himself from getting into trouble. Bad decision. Any employee of any company should have the right to over rule a stupid policy in favour of common sense. He saved five dollars and lost over one thousand dollars. Today I instructed the six employees with company vehicles NOT to go to that location, as a matter of fact, pick another oil change chain.

On the way out I gave my business card to one of the employees and asked them to have the owner call me back. No call.

Why are so many businesses going under? It’s not the economy, it’s bad Customer Service.

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