Rainy Saturday Observations

As a Montrealer, I am embarrassed at the situation of our highways and roads. And with the American dollar performing so well against the Canadian dollar, there is plenty of opportunity for Americans to come north and pump up our economy. However, I would highly recommend to any American readers to stay home. We certainly could use the influx of cash to help our economy but it is such a traffic disaster that it's not worth it. And then Mayor Denis Coderre spends one billion dollars on a party for our 375 anniversary. Seriously?

One of the keys to success in sales is managing expectations. The challenge we face in selling an intangible product like radio commercials is establishing with our customers what they hope to happen and what would be a good ROI. Most radio salespeople don't have that conversation and when the client wants to cancel half way through a contract, its tough to salvage the business. In any sales transaction, make certain ahead of time what the customer expects to happen and then under promise and over deliver.

How does anyone ever become hugely successful? They stand out. A perfect example is Donald Trump. Whether you like him or not he stands out so much that he became the President of the USA. Who else stand out? Seth Godin touched on this subject in his book " Purple Cow " Imagine driving along the highway and seeing a purple cow amidst a sea of others. In sales, you have to stand out as well. Who stands out in your mind? How about Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins, Hilary Clinton and so on.

Thee more I discuss depression with people, the more I realize the gravity and depth of its reach. You can't have a conversation today without someone knowing or actually experiencing depression during their lifetime. I've been their twice in that dark place and I can tell you three things . . .

  1. It is like living in an empty whole and your perspective on life is that the glass is half empty on every subject
  2. You need to seek help and help comes in many ways including supportive family and friends, a medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist, medication, a support group and ultimately YOU.
  3. There is a light at the end of the tunnel due to the fact that anti-depressants work 85% of the time but you may need time too find the right formula

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