Another Rainy Saturday

I had the pleasure of being at the Bell Media studios on Friday morning to promote an event this weekend. The CJAD 800 Wall of Fame struck me based on the magnitude of these fine broadcasters who made a huge impact on the success of the radio station. In particular, George Balcan. I had the pleasure of working with George in the 1980’s in sales and was lucky to become friends with he and his wife, Mackie. I remember going to their home and eating party sandwiches from Snowdon Deli. George was the single most prominent broadcaster in the history of English radio and no one has or will ever surpass his level of popularity. However, George was the most humble and down to earth person that you could ever meet. I remember having a party at my home in Kirkland and the adults were in the back yard while George was in the front with the kids. He was genuine, authentic and real. We miss him.

I learned this from my late father. He was a humble servant and his life mission was to help others; so I have adopted that same life mission. Helping others ranges from stopping and talking to a homeless person to giving your time to a charitable effort to helping your kids in a time of need. Also, from a business perspective, being able to teach others about the art of sales has been very rewarding as many of those people have gone on to successful careers in the industry.

I would highly recommend unplugging at least one hour a day. We have become slaves to technology and I don’t think that this is making society a better place. The typical cellphone user touches his or her phone 2,617 time every day, according to a study by research firm D Scout. But that’s just the average user: The study found that extreme cellphone users — meaning the top 10% — touch their phones more than 5,400 times daily. The Dscout research also found that average users spent 145 minutes on their phones and engaged in 76 phone sessions per day. As for iPhone users, Apple recently confirmed that its device users unlock their phones 80 times every day. That’s about as much as six to seven times every hour. So no matter your smartphone preference, the facts make a clear point: We are addicted to our mobile devices. Scary.

As I have mentioned throughout my blog, I have suffered from depression for the last twenty years on and off. This quote sums up the feelings when you are in a clinical depression. I would describe depression more as emptiness than sadness. It is less of an emotion that a void of emotions. It is very difficult to understand if you have never experienced it before. The two key symptoms have nothin whatsoever to do with sadness; they are eating too little or too much and sleeping too little or too much. I can remember wanting to sleep all the time because that was the only escape from the terrible feelings in your head. For more information check out my new website at

This quote by Brene Brown is spot on. Casandra Brené Brown (born November 18, 1965) is an American scholar, author, and public speaker, who is currently a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work. Over the last fifteen years she has been involved in research on a range of topics, including vulnerability, courage, shame, and empathy. She is the author of three #1 New York Times Bestsellers: The Gifts of Imperfection (2010), Daring Greatly (2012), and Rising Strong (2015). She and her work have been featured on PBS, NPR, TED and CNN

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