Telus – stellar customer service

This is a tremendous customer service story that starts with my Apple IPhone getting hit by the grey screen of death which basically means the screen starts to bleed grey and then the touch becomes unresponsive rendering the phone unusable. I was in the United States and lost the ability to use my phone 80% of the time. When I returned, I immediately went to the Telus store in Fairview Pointe Claire. I needed a new phone but wanted to wait a few weeks until the new iPhones were released so therefore asked the girl at the counter for a loaner. She replied that Telus does not provide loaners. At that point, I asked for a solution to my problem as a long time customer of Telus and she said that there was nothing that she could do. Unfortunately she is constrained by the parameters of what can be done. She suggested that we call retention and we did receiving the same response. The retention customer service person was a disaster with absolutely no empathy or concern for a long time customer as well as my business using Telus.


So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I called the President of Telus, Darren Entwhistle in Vancouver. His assistant passed me to his top customer service person who insecurely apologized for the problems that I had encountered. He immediately said that he would be sending me the latest iphone at no charge to use until the new one is released. The next morning a courier arrived with the iphone 7. As a matter if fact, he indicated that Mr. Entwhistle is very concerned about customer service and this was illustrated in the way he conducted himself.


Now that’s customer service.

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