Cool Stuff

It’s only $ 10 per month and you receive one razor per week. Or you can walk into the pharmacy and pay $ 19.99 for 8 blades. It’s convenient, affordable and very clever. The company markets well using TV ads and targets an issue given the fact that replacement razor blades are ridiculously expensive.

If you walk into a magazine shop, the average cost of a magazine is 7 or 8 dollars. for $ 10 per month, Texture provides you with an opportunity to read any magazine that is published today. I just do not understand why they changes the name from NextIssue to Texture?

Apple Music enables you to download all the music that you want for only $10 per month. Its better than stealing money and ripping off the artists. I have amassed a phenomenal collection of music on ITunes.

I was skeptical about Netflix but quickly discovered the vast amount of material including TV shows, documentaries and so much more. Worth $10 per month. The cost to rent a movie from Videotron is approximately $ 5, so do the math.

I am partial to Starbucks because the coffee is that good. I have been asked why I would pay $5 for a cappuccino but the answer is simple – you get what you pay for. I could have Tim Hortons coffee for half the price but it just doesn’t taste that good. The Starbucks app enables you to collect bonus points that you can redeem for free coffee or food.

Check this cool stuff out.

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