I slept through the night for the first time in years

And Headleveler is the reason why.

Headleveler is a family owned business founded by George Robillard in 1975 and was originally focused on the orthopaedic, chiropractic and physiotherapy professional market. It’s a family run business located in Montreal with world wide distribution. The mission is to offer state of the art, made to measure pillows that are personalized to suit individual needs.

The single biggest differentiator with Headlever is the customization process. You first select the size of pillow from standard to queen to king to travel. You then answer a series of questions including . . .

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Shoulder size
  • Do you sleep on your side or back?
  • What kind of a pillow do you normally use
  • What kind of a mattress do you sleep on

Truly tailor made. And why not? You spend approximately 1/3 of your life on a pillow. What’a more important than sleep? Check out the following reasons why sleep is important to your health . . .

  • Poor sleep can make you fat
  • Good sleepers tend to eat fewer calories
  • Good sleep can improve concentration and productivity
  • Good sleep can maximize athletic performance
  • Poor sleepers have a greater risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Sleep affects glucose metabolism and type 2 diabetes risk
  • Poor sleep is linked to depression
  • Sleep improves your immune function
  • Poor sleep is linked to increased inflammation
  • Sleep affects emotions and social interactions

And Headleveler is a cervical pillow with patented state of the art design which offers cervical support for normal neck length and wide support for longer neck length. Both ends are fully filled to produce a flat surface so that the head may be supported horizontally and straight while lying on one’s side. There is a gently shaped central recession shaped to support the back of the head entirely. And the pillow is hypo allergenic, washable by hand and fits any standard pillow case.

So instead of buying a generic pillow at a big box store, check out http://www.headleveler.com The difference is dramatic. The firm support of the Headleveler pillow is different from anything that I have ever experienced. And I slept through the night.

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