24 Hours in Toronto

The CN Tower is a 553.3 m-high (1,815.3 ft) concrete communications and observation tower in Toronto. Built on the former Railway Lanes it was completed in 1976, and held the record for the worlds tallest freestanding structure for 32 years from 1975–2007 and was the worlds tallest tower until 2009 being overtaken by Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower. It is now the third tallest tower in the world and remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere; a signature icon of Toronto’s skyline, and a symbol of Canada attracting more than two million international visitors annually.\

And for only $ 225, you can push your personal limits to the edge but taking the edge walk at the top of the tower where you are harnessed to the tower and walk around the edge for one and a half hours. Never going to happen.

ÏCE Condominiums at York Centre is a complex of two residential high-rises in Toronto Completed in 2014 and 2015, they stand at 664 feet (202 m) and 768 feet (234 m), respectively, with 57 and 67 floors.[1] Together, they contain more than 1,300 apartments, nearly 700 parking spaces, and nearly 1,000,000 square feet (93,000 m2) of floor area.The taller tower is one of the top ten tallest buildings in Toronto.

This is the view from the terrace of Soco Kitchen and Bar which is a sleek Delta Toronto eatery serving breakfast and Mediterranean cuisine. Check out the black cod served on a bed of root vegetables or the the lobster tagliatelle.

And for a great cappuccino, check out Aroma Espresso Bar with multiple locations throughout the city.

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