Another 24 hours in Toronto

What an amazing picture as the CN tower blocks out the sun. Toronto is an interesting city and as you walk the streets of downtown, you marvel at the sheer amount of pedestrians. And the large number wearing suits and ties or business attire.

I walked into the Apple Store looking for a case for my IPhone 7 and was surprised that 2 salespeople suggested that I go to Best Buy. The problem was that all the Otter box cases had a leather lining and I am not going to purchase any product with leather. Despite the massive amount of people at the Apple Store, their customer service on the phone is a disaster of epic proportions.

I certainly walked more than my usual number of steps today. The weather has been erratic with highs in the 30’s over the last several days but the temperatures today were perfect for walking.

Taverna Mercatto is a roomy, industrial chic hangout featuring elevated Italian cuisine and an expansive wine list. Their cocktails include a dark and stormy which was a drink that I remember being very popular in Bermuda with dark rum and ginger beer. The main course was an excellent linguini di mare featuring scallops, calamari, and mussels in a tomato sauce.

Best pad Thai with tofu and vegetables ever at PAI

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