Friday Morning Mix Up

Enough said.

You may be surprised at the reasons why your customers may leave your business. And the number one reason is that they don’t think you care about them. Surprised? You probably thought it had to do with the cost of your product or service. The cost of a product or service has very little to do with the reason why a purchase is made. We know that people buy based on feelings and emotions, not logic and reason. They also buy based on wants and needs; however, wants trump needs. The second reason customers may leave is a dissatisfaction with your service. In sum, 82% of why customers leave is based on service. Interesting.

Life is a series of challenges punctuated sporadically with moments of happiness. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not necessarily a train. Darkness can be depression, grief, relationship challenges, monetary problems, career struggles and so on. But you will always see the light after the darkness. Guaranteed.

And the best way to get through the struggles is to do something for someone, including yourself. Whatever the status of your current situation, there is always someone better off than you and someone else in a worse position than you. But by helping others, you make a difference in their lives as well as your own life.

You also have to learn to balance kindness with reality. Helping others is my personal mission statement, however, sometimes helping becomes enabling and that changes everything. When I stop at a street corner and give a homeless person a $ 20 bill, some people would question where that money is going. I don’t. It’s not for me to judge. After suffering through two depressions, I do not judge people. We have no idea of their circumstance. But we have to be cognizant of the difference between helping and enabling. Enabling is simply the act of perpetuating a situation that is wrong. I watch my 600 pound life on TV and the enablers are the spouses of the person who weighs 600 pounds and they enable by bringing them a large all dressed pizza. I m very empathetic towards these poor folks whose weight problems typically stem from issues in their past, however, the enabler is not helping the cause.

See above.

I love this quote because it speaks to a certain type of individual who puts their heart and soul into everything they do. And they want others to make a similar commitment. I consider myself a coach at work, not a manager. The term manager is old school and indicates that people need to be managed. The reality is that people need to be inspired, trusted and empowered. But if you are on my team, I want you to be passionate in what you do. Otherwise, why bother?

YOLO. You only live once and as we saw this week in Las Vegas, our lives can be taken at any moment. Given that knowledge, why wouldn’t you take the bull by the horns and live life to the fullest. We have a choice when we wake up every morning. A choice to be happy and enjoy the day or a chance to complain about our problems. And believe me, its east to do the latter. But at the end of the day, you have chosen to waste the opportunity.

I want to say that I am blessed with a group of true friends that are always there for me through the good and bad times. If you have a handful of true friends, you are very lucky. Although I would like to thank you personally by name, I won’t. But you know who you are and I will forever appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. Thank you.

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