Why businesses are failing – it’s not the economy.

It’s customer service. I am constantly astounded at the lack of customer service in 2017. It has reached a disaster of epic proportions. As a matter of fact, the company that has the worst customer service is Apple. You would think that a company’s of its stature would excel in customer service, however, the opposite is true. My apple iPhone 6 Plus got hit by the grey screen of death when I was on holidays in Ogunquit, Maine.

iPhone owners in the US are preparing to sue Apple, alleging that the Californian company was aware of a major touchscreen fault with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but did nothing about it. Last week it was revealed that several iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s owners have been suffering from the so called very screen of death which causes displays to flicker before the touchscreens eventually become completely unresponsive.

Here’ what it looks like.

The worst part? Apple was aware of the problem and chose to ignore it. Disgusting. Why not do a recall like the automotive industry. I brought my Hyundai Sante Fe into Hyundai Valleyfield yesterday to fix a recall and it only took 15 and was free of charge.

I made several attempts to speak with Apple customer service, which is really the wrong word for their alleged customer service department. They actually answer the phone and tell you they will be your Apple advocate. Funny. And then when I explain the story, they wash their hands of any responsibility. I then went up the line to the Vice President of Communications, Steve Dowling. It’s rather ironic that the VP of Communications will not return my calls. Here he is in all his glory.

He had Brandi Garcia of Executive Relations call me. She was a disaster of epic proportions. I actually spoke to her for 20 minutes after which she said that there is nothing she can to to help me and then asked “ Is there anything else I can help you with today? Laughable.

Keep in mind, all I want is some level of compensation for not being able to use my phone for 5 days while in the USA. I probably lost thousands of dollars of business. So Brandi keeps calling me with nothing to say, Steve is too busy to call me so I guess the next step is to get this blog into the hands of Tim Cook, the President of Apple. I read that he actually cares about customers,

The opposite of Apple’s embarrassing customer service is that of Telus. I took my phone to a Telus store and asked for a loaner for several weeks until the new iPhones came out. The girl at the counter said they no longer provide loaners and so I decided to call the Telus head office in Vancouver. I spoke to a high level customer service person in head office who apologized profusely and sent me a brand new IPhone 7 by courier that arrived the next day at my office. He said that the President of Telus, Darren Entwhistle is very concerned about providing stellar customer service.

Congratulations Telus.

I wonder if Tim Cook of Apple can learn something from Darren Entwhistle of Telus.

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