Do Not Buy the Apple Pencil

Let’s start with the worst customer service company in North America – Apple. If you own an iPad, there’s a great app called notebook which enables you to take notes at a meeting by writing on the screen with a stylus. The Apple stylus is a whopping $ 125, however, there are many options that work just as well at a fraction of the price.

The options include . . .

Adonit Mark

If you don’t have an iPad Pro, or you don’t need pressure sensitivity and palm rejection, the Adonit Mark is a comfortable (and inexpensive) option for writing, drawing, and sketching. The mesh-based round stylus doesn’t have the fine control or app integration of the Pencil, but it still works well with most multitouch screens and provides enough resistance to write well without much aberration. The triangular grip sits nicely like an old charcoal stick in the hand, and though you can’t put your hand on the screen, the Mark provides a good counterweight so that the nib doesn’t slip on the glass screen while writing or drawing.

Pencil by 53

Primarily designed for use with the Paper by FiftyThree app, this digital Bluetooth-connected stylus can create lines of all sizes with pressure-sensitive input and supports shading and palm rejection, too. The brushed aluminum graphite build is extremely durable and comfortable to use, featuring a tapered tip and 14k gold plated sensors on each end for an accurate reaction. You can even flip it over to use as an eraser.

Cosmonaut Wide Style Grip

The kid-friendly Cosmonaut Stylus is great for both doodling and writing: It features a comfortable, wide grip design that’s wrapped in a soft rubber shell and nib. It shares a similar size to dry erase markers, replicating the sense of drawing on a white board, and it’s great for the young and clumsy. There’s no Bluetooth, charging, or pressure sensitivity here: Just unpackage and use.

So do not buy the Apple Pencil when there are plenty of solid alternatives at a fraction of the price.

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