Saturday Mix Up and kudos to Traffic Tech

I have to start with a heartfelt thank you to Brian Arnott, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Traffic Tech. Traffic Tech has grown into one of North America’s leading logistics providers; with US headquarters in Chicago and Canadian Headquarters in Montreal, Traffic Tech offers a full suite of supply chain and transportation solutions that include all surface transportation services (LTL, FTL, and inter-modal), worldwide international service (Air and Ocean,) distribution, warehousing, freight management and supply chain consulting. Traffic Tech Inc. has expertise in complete logistical solutions at both a tactical and a strategic transportation management level.

But their focus is on the community, both local and abroad. Their donation of office space to Big Brothers Big Sisters is immeasurable in value. Their mission statement is to deliver the extraordinary; and they certainly did. Thank you.

You have to be thrilled if you are a fan of PK. My son and I decided to boycott the Habs when he was traded – just after he donated $ 10,000,000 to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. How do you trade away the heart and soul of your team? And how do you let a 16 year veteran named Andre Markov get away without offering him one more year out of respect. And finally, why isn’t Radulov on the Habs when there is 8.5 million dollars floating around. The answer is simple – the worst GM in the history of the franchise being allowed to make these horrendous moves while Jeff Molson sits back and watches his team sink into 30th place, just ahead of the Coyotes. Reprehensible. I no longer watch the Habs on TV, I no longer go to games, and I am proud to wear my Predators cap and cheer for a team with heart and soul as opposed to a listless group of lousy hockey players on paper. Au revoir les Canadiens.

This surprised me when I saw it this week. I am a Starbucks fan and I do like McDonalds coffee but I thought that Tim Hortons was the number one coffee chain in Canada. Perhaps it is based on volume of coffee sold. But when I checked McDonalds only has 1,400 locations across Canada and Tim Hortons has 3,500. But there are 15,000 McDonalds in the USA. Obviously a North American survey.

I love this quote. It is very difficult to be a perfectionist and I am not. I remember one of my salespeople saying that my follow through was not perfect. She said you launch a new plan with great energy and enthusiasm but your execution is lacking. Execution is critical. However, my favourite quote is “ Better to do something imperfectly than nothing perfectly “

Seize the moment. Be spontaneous. Do something you have never done. YOLO – you only live once. I have spent a part of my life either worrying about the future or agonizing about the past. But what I need to do is live in the moment. And that simply means not looking ahead to what’s happening next buy enjoying the time you are in whether it’s having a coffee, talking the dog for a walk or reading a book. Don’t waste the precious time we have been given, some people have not been given that opportunity.

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