Sunday Morning Mix Up

When I read this, I immediately think of those who have died; and my father. He was an incredible human being and taught me so many important principles.

  1. Honesty – although this seems like a no brainer, we have all been less than honest throughout our lives. Honesty requires intestinal fortitude because honesty can be hurtful with respect to others in you life. I always debate with a dear friend of mine the idea of receiving a gift and telling the person that you don’t like it. Her theory is dead honesty whereas I am more apt to say thank you and not mention that I don’t love the gift.
  2. No one is indispensable. Absolutely true. In any company, if someone leaves, they can always be replaced.
  3. Helping Others – something that my father did and yet never told anyone. He was a humble servant and lived a life devoted to his family and to those less privileged than he was.

I know this sounds crazy, but I think my father was perfect.

He . . .

  • Worked his way at the age of 17 from the mail room at Stelco to become the Accounting Manager for the Eastern Region
  • He retired at 57 and went to Concordia to earn a degree in Theology
  • He became a deacon at St. Lukes Catholic Church
  • He baptized over 500 babies
  • He creating the Helping Others Group at the church
  • He was a great father and husband
  • He was well respected in the Catholic Church and earned the distinction “ The Most Reverend Deacon James Thompson “
  • He loved people

Speaking of helping others. Enough said.

You know that people live and make life decisions based on feelings and emotions, not logic and reason. Although there is a small percentage of people who make logical decisions; most do not. Those who make logical decisions are usually analytical types who, if they were in the market for a car, would read consumer reports and analyze the technical specs of a car. However, most people buy a car because they like the look, feel, or colour. My psychologist tells me the best way to make a decision is not your head, not your heart, but your gut.

I think that the journey of life is summed up in this quote. We should all want to be better and do whatever it takes to get there. Being better is different for everyone and can include helping others, losing weight, becoming an expert in a particular field. As long as you follow your passion, you are become it a better person. I am always reading and studying in order to expand my horizon and better myself. It only makes sense.

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