Good People

I love this quote because it is so accurate in terms of relationships, business partnerships, and friendships. Have you noticed that some people enhance your life and others pull it in the opposite direction? One of my favorite authors and speakers, Bob Proctor, talks about the law of vibration. 

If you’re in a really good vibration and your with a person that’s very negative you will not feel comfortable in their presence. Feeling is the conscious awareness vibration, you don’t feel comfortable in their energy and you want to get away from them now. If you were negative and they are negative you’re going to come together, misery loves company.”

You know who the good people are because they are selfless. I often mention my father as an example of selflessness. He lived to help others. As a matter of fact, I was suffering from a clinical depression while working at CHOM and CKGM and it was very difficult to muster up the energy to go to work every day especially in the world of sales. For a six month period, my father net me every day at the Oratory for lunch so that I would have a break during the day. Another example is my best friend. During my first depression, he drove from St Laurent to Kirkland every evening to take me our for a walk.


Do you ever notice how the good people don’t brag or need accolades. During my most recent depression, several people stood out as being kind and gracious. You know who you are. And my father did many things without any desire for recognition. The best example was when he quietly paid the mortgage and groceries for a family from his church who had lost their jobs. Never told anyone. Remarkable.

Every person that comes into your life has an impact whether negatively or positively. The negative interactions are meant to teach us lessons in life and the positive interactions are meant to enhance our lives. At the end of the Day, who we are is a reflection of who we have spent time with and what we have gleaned from those interactions. 

Enjoy the day.

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