Anthony Robbins is an excellent motivational speaker and I had the pleasure of seeing him live several months ago. His messaging is clear and revolves around the fact that we can accomplish anything we set our mind too. But the other component of Anthony and his success is energy and enthusiasm. The key to success is sales is a combination of three simple things 

  1. Positive attitude
  2. Solid work ethic
  3. Energy and enthusiasm 

Just do it. 

Karma is an interesting concept which I believe to be true. If you do good things for others it should come back to you. I tipped a poker dealer more than the norm yesterday and I won the next hand. Karma? Maybe. But what about the reverse? If someone does you wrong, will it come back to haunt them? Do you take the high road and let nature take its course or so you take action to correct the injustice? Ultimately it’s up to the individual. 

My late father once said ” everyone gets their comeuppance ”

Simple yet true. So what’s the lesson? Live your life to the fullest. Follow your dreams.  Spend time with those you love. Quit the job you hate. Enjoy nature. Adopt a per. Remember YOLO – you only live once.

What’s the purpose of being inspired if you don’t spread the word. My life’s mission is helping others so my inspiration has to be passed along, whether that’s in the sales office, with my kids, or just talking to a friend who feels down in the dumps. Inspiration that is not shared is wasted. 

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