Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Being grateful for what we have is probably one of the most positive affirmations that we can make on a daily basis. In the world of business, I have often done a Victory Log which is a summary of successes over the year. Sometimes when we are having a rough day or suffering a depression, we should take a moment to appreciate what we have and the simple exercise will make us realize that things are not as bad as they seem.

Getting healthy is easier said than done. But the more that you educate yourself, the more you realize the importance of the food we eat relative to out health. I have recently become a pescatarian which simply means a vegetarian who eats fish. My son’s are vegan and my daughter is vegetarian. Apparently veganism has the ability to reverse medical issues like blood pressure and sugar as well as cholesterol. Of course as my mother always says ” everything in moderation ”

I love this quote and it has meaning in so many areas of our lives. In sales, it’s better to listen than speak. In life, it’s better to say nothing than to criticize another person. And so on. 

Everything happens for a reason, but sometimes the reason is not revealed right away. A friend of mine was fired from his job at a radio station and I told him it was a blessing in disguise. Well it was and he went on the be the Vice President of Sales at a a major media organization. Everything that happens in our life makes us the person we are today and without the touch times, we wouldn’t grow. Adversity builds character.

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