Deep Thoughts 

The challenge in today’s society is that the vast majority of society wears a mask and never reveals their true feelings and emotions. We live in a world of surface communication and our typical daily interactions  never go deep. Do you ever notice when someone says ” how are you ” and virtually walks away before getting the answer. A solid relationship is one that goes deep and explores in depth subjects like spirituality, emotional intelligence as well as feelings and emotions. Have you ever attended a business networking event?  Have you ever done business with someone subsequent to an event? I haven’t because everyone is wearing a mask.

In our busy and fast paced society, we tend to be so consumed with daily activities that we never deep back and listen to our heart and soul. My psychologist once told me to listen to my gut when trying to make a decision of major consequence. Our soul is the reflection of who we are and what we represent. It is the essence of why we are here on earth; our raison d’etre. 

Life is definitely not what anyone expected it to be. Life is a series of challenges punctuated with sporadic moments of joy and happiness. One of the ways to adjust to this reality is to lower our expectations. As a dear friend of mine once said ” nothing is ever as great as it is perceived to be and nothing is ever as bad as it is perceived to be”

There will always be bumps on the road, the question is how we react. It’s never about the obstacle, it’s always about the reaction.

We have all wasted time in our lives, whether purposefully or beyond our control. I spent 5 months at home during a series of 3 surgeries from November 2015 to Match 2015. Unfortunately I chose to waste the time and wallow in my sorrow instead of using the time productively by taking a course or reading a book or writing a blog. 

You have one chance so make it great.

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