Holiday Darkness 

Life is a series of challenges and obstacles punctuated by sporadic moments of happiness. Although it’s only a couple of days from Christmas, I want to talk about the dark side of the holidays that many people experience. Christmas is a time of joy and happiness where families gather and take time to appreciate the positives of their respective lives. But not everybody is lucky enough to have family and friends and have to spend the holidays alone. 

Hopefully everyone has a handful of friends that can be there for them and find you in the dark and lead you back to the light. 

If you are in a dark place right now, hopefully you can use the darkness as a tool to grow. Adversity builds character. Accept the fact that the darkness exists and let it take you on a journey to the light. I don’t guarantee success but I know the darkness doesn’t last forever.

Anthony Robbins maintains that all you need is within you now and I believe that to be true. When I came out of my first depression over 20 years ago, my psychologist asked me what I thought got me through and out of the depression. I mentioned my family and friends, the medication, my medical doctor and her, Dr Lorraine Merriott. When I was finished she said that there was one more thing. ME. If you are not in a good place right now, you can get to where you need to be.

There are times that we must cut our losses and move forward. Not every problem has a solution. Recently, one of our rising stars in my sales operation decided to leave for another opportunity that she felt made a better contribution to society. I tried to salvage the situation but at the end of the day had no choice but to let her go. I guess some things are just inevitable. 

Please consider those who are less fortunate this holiday season and if you know someone who is alone for Christmas then invite them to join your celebration. No one should be alone at this time of year. And take a moment to do one thing for someone else who is less fortunate that you. 

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